Mustafa Nevzat

MN founders been actively involved in the pharmaceutical industry since 1923 – a generational affair, each succession has built on the collective experience of their predecessors, to further develop their understanding of the sector. 

After the successful sale of Mustafa Nevzat company in 2012, she continues to the health sector by establishing Imuneks Farma, a leading company in the field of OTC.

MN carries out the most original drug development studies in Turkey and has many international patents in this field.

In 2020 MN started to develop a drug against Covid-19, and its Phase-3 study was published in the database of Stanford Medicine.

Prof. Mustafa Nevzat Pısak

Privately founded as Mustafa Nevzat Laboratory in Üsküdar/İstanbul by Prof. Mustafa Nevzat Pısak who played a great role in establishing contemporary pharmacy in Turkey.


Production of Pavotin ampoule containing opium alkaloids extracted from poppy seed.


An injectable product of powdered insulin was manufactured for the first time in Turkey.


Moved to Mecidiyeköy/İstanbul and became a joint stock company.


The first enteric-coated tablet was registered in Turkey (Entersal).


Start of the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).


Some pharmaceutical forms such as syrups, ointments, creams and dry powder suspensions were produced at the temporary building in Yenibosna/İstanbul.


A dedicated production plant established in Yenibosna to manufacture finished dosage forms of penicillin-like beta-lactams (Plant I - Penicillin-like Beta-lactam Products).


A dedicated production plant established in Yenibosna to manufacture finished dosage forms of cephalosporin-like beta-lactams (Plant II - Cephalosporin-like Beta-lactam Products).


The API Units were moved from İzmit-Köseköy to the new modern facilities at Çayırova-Şekerpınar. In these modern facilities, Clarithromycin and Clarithromycin granules for suspension, Sulbactam Sodium, Sultamicillin Tosylate and Sultamicillin Base were produced in those years.


Yenibosna Plant III, which is one of the most modern facilities in Turkey, was completed. This plant is dedicated to non-penicillin and non-cephalosporin finished dosage forms (Plant III - Other Products).


MN Pharmaceuticals signed strategic partnership agreements with several leading US generic companies for marketing and sales of its products and has submitted the first ANDA dossier to FDA. This is also a “first” for the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry. By taking the initial step in exporting finished dosage forms to US, MN Pharmaceuticals has paved the way for the other Turkish pharmaceutical companies to follow.


The API and finished dosage forms facilities have been inspected and approved by FDA in November. As a result of FDA inspection, MN Pharmaceuticals has been the first Turkish Pharma Company which has been granted the FDA approval for the API and finished dosage forms.


The finished dosage forms facilities have been awarded the Environment Management Systems Certificate in the scope of ISO 14001 Standards by the British Management Systems Organization BSI. In May, the first export of finished dosage forms was performed from Turkey to USA.


As a result of the MHRA inspection conducted in May, MN Pharmaceuticals received the Certificate of GMP Compliance of a Manufacturer from the British Ministry of Health. The second product entered the USA market in July.


The newly established and the fourth production plant of the finished dosage forms facilities, Injectable Oncolytic Products Plant was completed at the beginning of 2009. Following the certification investigation studies conducted by Turkish Standards Institute, MN Pharmaceuticals Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Plant has been awarded the Environment Management System Certificate in the scope of TSE ISO 14001 Standards in January. The finished dosage forms facilities have been awarded the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate which was presented by the British Management Systems Organization BSI. The finished dosage forms facilities have been inspected and approved for the fourth time by German Health authorities and EU-GMP Certificate has been granted. (First approval was received in July, 2004.)


2010 The Oncolytic Products Plant was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in May and by the European Medicine Agency (EMEA) in July. In December, the oncolytic drugs were shipped from Turkey to USA for the first time.


Plant I- Penicillin like Beta lactam Products, Plant II- Cephalosporin like Beta lactam Products and Plant III- Other Products were inspected and approved by the GCC ( Gulf Cooperation Council).


The MP204 completed the Phase-2 study with a 90% full recovery, the highest success rate ever recorded in the world.


Artificial intelligence-based drug development platform: Molfac. Ai discovered the opiX technology.


OpiX, found thanks to Molfac, has proven to be more effective than paracetamol + codeine and tramadol in animal experiments.


Phase 1 study of MP404, which is a special combination with increased stomach protective feature and pain relief, has been successfully completed.


Developed as an original drug therapy, Niclonex has been approved to start the Phase-3 study for the treatment of Covid 19.


The international patent of MP 404 has been approved.